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Travel Photography

Tips in Taking Professional Travel Pictures

If you are traveling to the most exotic places here on Earth, of course, you wouldn’t leave without a picture or two. However, if you want to take decent photos—something that you’ll want to show off the rest of the world, then you should really know the art of taking travel photos. Here are the following tips to be considered when taking pictures while traveling:

Take photos of something that people will want

In order for you to gain an audience, you must only take pictures of something that people will be interested in. They will always look for a pattern in the clouds, an interesting symmetry in the buildings, and a background that will complement the colour of the subject very well.

Therefore, the first thing that you should consider before clicking the shutter button of your camera is the pattern that is present in your surroundings. If you have heard about composition in photography, this best summarizes what a composition is. People will soon enjoy the photos that you took and these interesting patterns, colours, and symmetry will be the best representative of the places you had been to.

Learn about the rule of thirds

You must’ve heard about this a lot. This is one of the most basic styles of photography. Whether you are using your phone’s camera or a DSLR, you simply have to go to settings and enable the rule of thirds. You will notice the three grids that will appear on the screen. Now, you need to position your subject and your background very carefully in this grid.

For instance, if you are trying to take a landscape photo, then you should try filling one-third of the frame with land and the two-thirds should be the sky. In the intersecting lines of the grid, you should place your subject there. It will immediately catch the attention of your viewers and you will be able to create a good composition in your travel photo.

Create leading lines

If you wanted to lead the eyes of your viewer to your subject, the most effective way to do it is to create a leading line in your photo. You can use the natural geography of the places that you are visiting in creating the leading lines. For instance, you can use the road or the rails of the train, or the walking trail just before you. It’s something that the eyes will automatically follow until you will be able to lead your viewers to your subject in the picture. You could take the photo of the walking trail and the mountain that it will lead to your subject or have someone to walk ahead of the road as your subject.

Don’t waste your precious chances in capturing these moments. It only comes once in a lifetime, therefore, you should be keen in taking your travel photos. Sure enough, you’ll want something that will remind you that once in your life, you had been in this awesome place.