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Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks in Photography

Photography is a beautiful form of art. Photos will serve as a reminder for moments otherwise gone, therefore, you need to be careful in taking one so that this beautiful reminder of the great places that you have been too. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, a traveler or blogger, here are the following tips and tricks that can help you in taking great photos.

Always avoid camera shake

If you do not hold your camera straight, it will eventually lead to blurry images. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are holding your camera accordingly. Do not hold your camera using one hand only. It depends on you but your one hand should be placed on the body while the other one should support the lens of your camera. It is highly advisable that you use a tripod when using your camera or if you do not have one, just search for a tree or any object that can provide the stabilization of the camera.

Invest in a polarizer filter

If you are going to buy the filter for your camera, you should consider buying a polarizer filter. This type of filter can help you in lessening the glaring reflection of the metal to light, the water, as well as glass. It can also help you in shooting outdoors because it effectively improves and brightens the colour of the sky and it will serve as your lens’ protection at the same time. Choose a circular polarizer when buying and it should provide you exactly what you need.

Landscape photos must have a sense of depth

Since you are constantly traveling around, in order to improve your photo, you should make the viewer feel as if they are in the same place where you took the photo. Take them with your trips by creating a sense of depth in your landscape pictures. As much as possible, you should utilize a wide-angle lens if you wanted to present a panoramic picture and the aperture should be as small as f/16 or it could be smaller—it all depends on you. If you want, you can also feature an object or an individual in your photo so that you will be able to emphasize the distance of the objects and views inside your landscape view. It is also highly recommended that you utilize your tripod or monopod in order to ensure that you prevent camera shakes. Aside from that, smaller apertures also require you to have a smaller shutter speed. Therefore, a wide-angle lens and tripod is a must in taking great landscape photos.

There you go! I hope you learn something from the tricks that most photographers have been doing for the past couple of years in order to present a great panoramic view. It can help you to further improve your photography skills. Of course, experimenting and trying out new techniques can help you to develop your own style in taking beautiful pictures.