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Hi! I am Sandra, an artist by heart and soul. I look at things differently and capture moments in an illustrator’s eyes as I visit different places around the world. Basically, I am a travel photographer. And I had been asked what it is like being a travel photographer? There are so many things that I wanted to tell about the joy of being able to capture moments otherwise gone. If you are planning to become a travel photographer, there are so many things that await you.

Most of the travel photographers quitted their own job, bought a camera, and started exploring the world in order to document traditions and cultures from different countries. Sounds like a heavenly dream, right? Of course, it is. Especially if you are really passionate about taking pictures and freezing moments, you will most likely enjoy being with your camera and traveling around.



There are also some travel photographers who are doing their passion while earning a living. The opportunity in travel photography isn’t that promising, but you’ll feel like you’ve hit a jackpot if you are being paid in order to travel around the world and capture moments that you’ll want to show to the rest of the people afterward.

However, it’s not always the good side that there’s in travel photography. If you both love to travel and photography, you wouldn’t mind sleeping in the vans or cheap motel rooms or walking a few kilometers carrying a heavy and bulky backpack. Also, take note that not all people will want to be shoot at. Therefore, you make it a habit of asking them for permission before you point your camera at them in order to avoid offending someone.

Being a travel photographer will require you to have an in-depth comprehension of their tradition and culture. That just means that you’ll have to do what they are doing in the daily routine, have a taste of their cuisine, and always more than willing to accept what they have to offer. You will meet different versions of yourself by different countries that you are going to visit. It’s up to you if you will make the most out of it by enjoying your trip or you’ll just take as many photos as you can and leave the country right away.

The places that you have visited and you are going to visit will leave different remarkable moments in your heart. Your experience in India is entirely different from your trip in Russia, of course. You will soon find the perfect pace for you. The place wherein you will find random people very photogenic, the light and brightness is just right, the colourful traditions and cultures that they offer, anything and everything else about the place is magnificent.

Documenting people and their tradition around the world is definitely one of the most awesome jobs you could ever have in your entire life—if you love photography and travel of course. It offers endless opportunities, a never-ending journey, a chance to get in touch with nature, and to gain new friends. Traveling and taking pictures will introduce you to places and traditions you’ve never heard about before.

Being a travel photographer is a long long journey that never seems to end. If you have quitted your job in order to travel around, you’ve made one of the best decisions in your life. Even if you are still working while traveling every once in a while, you should make the most out of it and capture every moment that you’ll want to go back 5 years later. you’ll always want to find a place to go back to and call it home.

However, if you are going to travel around the world for your passion, you should also ensure that you have a side job out there. Online jobs are perfect for those who are constantly traveling around. In that way, you will not worry about your financial situations after taking beautiful pictures in a certain place. At the end of the day, after you have thoroughly explored a certain country or place.


When it comes to gears since there will be a lot of walking, trekking, and exploring, it is highly advisable that you choose the lightweight ones. You should search for cameras that are perfect for traveling so that you will have an idea on what type of camera will suit you the most. Since you are a traveler, you might want to limit the things that you are going to pack in order to avoid inconvenience along the way. Therefore, just bring the lens that you find the most useful, a single filter, a tripod, and some extra batteries and memory cards for your trip. You must’ve known the most basic rule for traveling, right? Always pack lightly. Therefore, be keen in choosing the shoes, clothes, and things that you are planning to bring in your trip. You don’t want to bring a bunch of stuff that you haven’t used in your entire trip.

Aside from that, if you want your trip to be successful, you should have the right attitude. Nothing will happen if you are too shy to ask for pictures or even for directions. The local citizens of the country that you are going to visit are your best tourist guides. Therefore, you need to be welcoming and friendly when you are approaching them so that they will treat you nicely. Don’t be too arrogant just because you came from a highly-recognized country and you are visiting a third-world country. You may be able to gain a friend or two and these friends can accommodate you the next time you visit the country again.

No matter how many beautiful places you’ve been too, you will be most comfortable to be sitting on your couch and watching movies after a hard day’s work. It’s true that for travel photographers, the entire world is their native land. But who wouldn’t want to go back to their hometown after a long journey?


Is vaping Ejuice healthier than cigarettes?

Did you know that cigarettes are toxic? It is true, you are directly inhaling carcinogens when you smoke cigarettes. And if you would like a healthier way to get your nicotine, you may want to look into vaping electronic cigarettes. These kinds of e-cigarettes you could use with vape juice flavors at eliquid depot. And if you would like to lead a healthier lifestyle, you may want to try vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. There are numerous factors that make vaping electronic cigarettes much healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes. And your body would benefit in the long run if you switched over to vaping.

Smoking cigarettes harms every organ

The smoke that you inhale from cigarettes does not only harm your lungs but the rest of the organs of your body as well. If you are a cigarette smoker, then you would find that a lot of your body’s tissue and organs are going to end up damaged. That would mean that you are definitely harming your body in multiple different ways if you start smoking. That would not be the case with vaping electronic cigarettes, this is because the vapor that comes from them are non-toxic. And thus they would not even harm your lungs, much less the other organs of your body.

Vape Juice is not directly linked with cancer.

Another thing that makes vaping healthier for you is that it does not cause cancer directly. Studies have shown that those who vape electronic cigarettes are less likely to suffer from lung cancer compared to other smokers.

Healthier alternative to cigarettes

E-cigarettes are obviously the healthier alternative to actual cigarette smoking. Many doctors and medical professionals actually recommend that you vape instead of smoke cigarettes, especially if you need to get your fix of nicotine somehow. So vaping can be the healthier choice for you, especially if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. You must try out vaping right now if you want a more positive and better choice for your health.

Better tasting than cigarettes

Vaping e-cigarettes, you would notice a huge difference in how they taste from normal cigarettes. This is because there are numerous flavors of vape juice that you can choose from. And these different flavors can range from bubblegum to tropical flavors. While having a better taste is not directly going to improve your health, it would still be better for you in the long run. This is because if you vape flavored juice, you could control your cravings, and thus you can actually lose weight.

Vaping ejuice is the healthiest solution to getting your nicotine fix. This kind of smoking practice is generally going to be much safer to your health. So if you need to smoke, why not choose the healthier option and vape e-cigarettes? There is certainly going to be less danger to your body if you choose to vape e-cigarettes instead of smoking actual cigarettes. And a lot of smokers have already made the switch to vaping. If you have not already done so, you must choose to start vaping right now. You would definitely enjoy it more than smoking.