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Common Photography Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid

Considering the fact that everything is still new to you—the camera, the photography techniques, the terms, and the styles, it is normal that you commit mistake every now and then. However, you should know how to learn from these mistakes and be a better photographer. You can’t just keep on committing mistakes for ages! Here are the common photography mistakes that every beginner should know and avoid:

The colours seem unrealistic

Unless you are trying to create a fantasy cover featuring a girl with her superhuman powers, you should keep the colours natural and realistic. Even if the colours are kind of strong, you should ensure that the natural colour will pop our and manage it properly. Do not make your photo look like a painting straight from an art exhibit. If you are going to adjust the saturation, you should be careful in adjusting it because high saturation can create unrealistic colours. It can be quite tricky because there are some photographers who weren’t able to notice it on their own screen. Therefore, you should ensure that you take pictures where photos are at its most natural tone. The “golden time” in photographers is before sunrise and after sunset. This is the only time where colours are the brightest yet most natural.

Not paying attention to the sharpness of the image

Every now and then, blurs can result in a great photo. However, you should make sure that you are blurring the right parts of the images. For instance, if you are going to shoot a portrait, you should make sure that you are focusing on the sharpness of the eyes of the subject. The eyes should be the main attraction in the face. As long as the eyes of your subject are sharp, you can blur the rest of the image as you want.

Not choosing a subject

You want to lead the eyes of your viewer to something—a subject. If you are going to take random photos, make sure that you still have a subject—not a messy photo of random people walking by in the street with a distracting background. For those who wanted to relay a message on their photos, you should ensure that you choose your subject carefully. Portraying your emotions in your photos can be quite tricky, therefore you should place a subject in its natural environment if you cannot find any simple background and shoot. You should know that photography is all about consistency and developing a style, so keep on looking for subjects and taking photos and you will most likely develop a style.

Make sure that in your photography journey, you keep these tips in mind to further improve your photography skills. You will surely be amazed at how little things can make a big difference to your photo. Therefore, you should always be keen and careful but do not be afraid to try out different styles and experiments as it will make you a better photographer.